Notes about the Video Record of Sessions I and II

Geography Awareness Week:
Reviewing 2006 and Planning for 2007
2007 CAG Annual Meeting

Barry Wellar

A video record was made of the Geography Awareness Week sessions at the 2007 Canadian Association of Geographers Annual Meeting for a number of reasons, all of which are explained and demonstrated in the presentations. Further, discussion of the value of a video record was published in the CAG Newsletter and in other communications leading up to the Annual Meeting. As a result, the focus of these notes is on acknowledging the contributions of several people who helped to make this video production possible, and to provide guidance to viewers in regard to contacting presenters and/or obtaining PowerPoint slides.

First, thanks are due to Elise Pietroniro, University of Saskatchewan, who arranged for the video recording by the Division of Media and Technology.  The excellent people at the University of Saskatchewan kept the video cameras running for more than two hours, put the films on DVDs, and the result is a complete video record of the first Geography Awareness Week sessions held at a CAG conference.

Second, thanks are due Zoran Reljic, University of Ottawa, who assisted in partitioning the DVDs  to create participant segments, compressed the contents of two DVDs for this posting,  and then linked the names  of contributors  and the video contents of Sessions I and II respectively for easy access by viewers to the presenters of choice.

Third, thanks are given to Prof. Mike Sawada, University of Ottawa, for agreeing to post the video materials on the LAGGISS website. 

Finally, inquiries about presentations, including PowerPoint slides, are to be directed to the respective individuals. A list of email addresses is presented on the last page of text to assist in that regard.


Session I

Session II

Names and mail Addresses